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Expense Reporting

With accountability as one of our core values, Bluewater Health is embracing new legislative requirements aimed at increasing accountability and transparency.

Hospitals, like many other organizations, have executives and volunteer Board members who incur business-related expenses from time to time which are permissible and reimbursable. The expenses typically fall into three categories: travel to events such as educational conferences or off-site meetings; meals while out-of-office on business; and hospitality when hosting guests such as healthcare leaders or doctors for recruitment. Bluewater Health’s expense policies are aligned with government expectations related to hospitals’ accountability and transparency.
Expense Policies

Bluewater Health publicly reports on the expenses of its executives and volunteer Board members every six months in keeping with our commitment to accountability, our corporate policies for business-related expenses, and the legislative requirements set out by the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act.
The reports are as follows:
Expense Reports