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How to Make a Request 
Bluewater Health proactively discloses large amounts of information available to the public on the hospital’s website. Examples include,
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Hospital Service Accountability Agreement
  • Patient safety indicators
  • Accreditation reports
  • Public sector salary disclosure
  • Executive contracts

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on the hospital’s website, please contact our Freedom of Information (FOI) Office for the information you are looking for before making a formal request under the Act. An informal request will likely prove to be both faster and more cost-effective than going through the formal request process under the Act.

You can make a formal request for access to records by completing an Access Request Form. You can also make a request for records without using this form, provided you do so in writing.

All formal requests are subject to a $5.00 application fee. Cash, cheque or money order must accompany the request and be payable to Bluewater Health.

If the total cost of processing your request exceeds $100, you will be provided with a fee estimate before processing begins and you will be required to pay a deposit of 50 per cent of the total processing costs before Bluewater Health begins to process your request.

For further information on fees and costs please refer to the Fee Schedule.

Mail your request to:

Bluewater Health
Freedom of Information Office
89 Norman Street
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 6S3

Attention: Freedom of Information and Privacy Officer

If you have further questions regarding FOI at Bluewater Health, or require further assistance with filing an FOI request, please contact the FOI Office at FIPPA@bluewaterhealth.ca.