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The Green Energy Act

Encouraging energy conservation in public buildings

Ontario’s Green Energy Act is about building a clean energy economy – one focused on energy conservation and renewable energy production. As part of the Act, the province’s Long-Term Energy Plan called Achieve Balance encourages conversation and lays out a plan for clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Hospitals play an important role in helping Ontario to meet its ambitious conservation targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We’re also required by legislation to develop a five-year energy conversation and demand management plan.

As the first acute care hospital in Ontario to achieve LEED certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), Bluewater Health has a long, proud history of energy conservation and environmental awareness. Our energy and facility renewal programs have included a variety of energy-efficient upgrades to the hospital’s existing facilities in Petrolia and Sarnia. Energy efficient technologies have replaced older, less efficient systems thereby reducing electricity, fuel consumption and related costs.

Bluewater Health has received both provincial and national recognition for its efforts in this field and fully supports the Green Energy Act as a way to encourage continued conservation throughout the province.

Our energy management plan can be found here: Bluewater Health's Sustainable Energy Plan.