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Returning Home from Hospital

Your physician, hospital staff and, in some cases, Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) staff will be involved in planning for your discharge from hospital. We will start planning for your discharge as soon as possible, so that we are able to transition you home or to another healthcare facility safely on the day of discharge.

Together with CCAC, Bluewater Health supports a Home First philosophy. Should a move to a long-term care home be needed, our goal will be for you to access long-term care from the community by returning home first. Admission to long-term care is a complex process, and it is better for patients to make these types of life-changing decisions from a comfortable, familiar environment such as home.

For some patients, once acute hospital treatment is complete, other care settings may be beneficial to help meet care needs. These are often short-stay options and may include Rehabilitation or Convalescent Care.

When your physician discharges you and/or your next care setting becomes available, please be ready to leave the hospital by 10:00 am on the day of your discharge. Please be sure that you have reviewed with your healthcare provider any medication and follow-up appointments, and that you have clothing and footware to return home. Please also plan for transportation well in advance. If you need help with a transportation problem, please talk to your healthcare provider. The following agencies are available to assist patients with transportation:

  • CareLink 855-728-1433
  • Voyageur Transportation 800-263-7163 or 519-344-6463
  • Sarnia Care-A-Van 519-336-3789
  • Hoffman’s Transportation Service Office 888-237-3631

In case something happens that could disrupt your discharge, please have a back up plan and additional options in mind.

To help you better understand the discharge planning process, and to support you in your return home, Bluewater Health and the Erie St. Clair CCAC created the following education handout for patients and families: