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Hospital Fees

Some supplies, devices, medications and treatments are not covered by OHIP and must be paid for at Patient Accounts. There are also fees for ambulance transportation whether for emergency or non-urgent use. For a list of fees that you may be charged, please see below.

The Patient Accounts office in Sarnia is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Payment options are cash, cheque, debit, and credit card. In Petrolia, Patient Registration on the first floor, across from the Emergency Department, can accept payments for Patient Accounts.
Ambulance $45.00


Semi-Private Room $235.00 daily rate
Private Room $275.00 daily rate
(Insurance and credit card information are required when requesting a private or semi-private room)

Alternate Level of Care

Co-payment fee may apply $1,819.53 monthly maximum

Delisted Services

Cosmetic varies
Cryotherapy $242.00
Gynecomastia $900.00
Microscopic Vasovastostomy $900.00
Scar Revision/Torn Ear Lobe $242.00
Simple Sclerother – by injection $242.00
Skin Lesion Excision $242.00
Removal of Moles, Tattoo, Warts $242.00
Tubal Reversal $600.00
Parking Fees $7.50 max daily


Abdominal Binder $20.00
Abductor Pillows/Shoulder/Hip $100.00
Aero Chamber – Adult $15.00
Aero Chamber- Ped $30.00
Anti Embolism Stocking $25.00
Cane $15.00
Cast Boot $15.00
Clavicle Strap $15.00
Collar – Miami J $60.00
Compression Bandage - Lower Limb $105.00
Compression Bandage - Upper Limb $55.00
Crutches Aluminum $30.00
Custom Appliance varies
Dressing Kit $5.00
Fiberglass Casting - Full Roll $10.00 
Fracture Walker Boot $115.00
Gortex Casting - Full Roll $30.00
Gortex Casting - Half Roll $15.00
Ice/Hot Packs (each) $10.00
Immobilizer – Knee $50.00
Immobilizer – Shoulder $15.00
Knee Brace (ROM) $130.00
Medications Administered in Ambulatory Care varies
Pessary $60.00
Sage Antiseptic Body $30.00
Sheepskin Knee Kit $70.00
Sling $10.00
Spirometer – Incentive $5.00
Splint – Drop Foot $60.00
Splint – Finger $5.00
Splint – Galveston $140.00
Splint – Wrist $20.00
Splinting – Fiberglass (per roll) $10.00
Tensor (per roll) $5.00
Thera Band (per meter) $5.00
Tube Grip $5.00
Urinary Catheter Bag $5.00
Urinary Leg Bag $5.00
Viscopaste boot (per roll) $10.00

Appliances are payable at time of service in Ambulatory Care.

List and prices are effective as of February 2018 and are subject to change.