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Necessary Room Changes
When the Emergency Department in Sarnia becomes full, the rest of the hospital steps into action to help with the pressure. This is what we call ‘full hospital’ and it means that every hospital bed is full or about to be full, and new patients are still arriving.

We have planned well for situations such as this. As a patient, it may mean:
  • The healthcare team will evaluate if you can safely continue your care or treatment at home or at another healthcare facility. If so, you may be discharged earlier than you expected.
  • You could be moved to another room, a different area of the hospital or to another Bluewater Health facility, and you may be asked to move more than once. In full hospital, this can happen with very little notice. We can help you to coordinate transportation.
  • We can’t ensure you will receive your preferred choice of accommodation or that you will be in a room with only women/men.
  • You may want to contact your family to let them know where you are if you have moved. We can help you to do this.

Our full hospital plan is necessary so we can provide the same quality of care to all of our patients.

If you have any questions or concerns about what this may mean to you, please talk to your care provider. You can also ask for the Manager or Patient Advocate.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation during these situations.