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As we work together to create exemplary healthcare experiences with patients and families every time, our voluntary participation in accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and accountability to our staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and community. It's one of the most effective ways for hospitals to regularly and consistently examine and improve the quality of their services.

Bluewater Health is proud to be Accredited with Exemplary Standing for 2015 to 2019!

We achieved a score of 99.3%, the highest in our history - meeting and exceeding 2,171 national quality standards, and meeting all of our 29 Required Organizational Practices. 

We take part in accreditation because it says to our patients, families and community that we measure up where it matters most - patient safety and quality care. It validates and certifies that our programs and processes meet national standards of excellence, and pays tribute to the care provided by our committed, dedicated people.

For more information about our most recent accreditation, please click here. To read our accreditation report, please click here.