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Board Standing Committees

Bluewater Health's board committees are an important element of governance processes that aid the board in fulfilling its role. These committees take their mandate from the board. Their primary purpose is to support and advance the work of the board by performing work that the board does not have time to do. Except as outlined in the by-laws, the consideration of key policies, oversight and decision support functions are carried out at the committee levels and recommendations are made to the board for discussion and, if appropriate, are recommended for approval.

As outlined in the by-laws, the board has established the following Standing Committees: Executive Committee; Medical Advisory Committee; Governance and Nominating Committee; Joint Conference Committee; Resource Utilization and Audit Committee; and Quality Committee. The board is responsible for adopting terms of reference for these committees and ensuring their review on an annual basis. From time to time, the board may establish time-limited, ad hoc committees to consider and make recommendations on specific matters which are a current priority for the board.