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Developing the Leader in You

Bluewater Health is committed to individual, team and organizational development. The personal and professional development of our people aims to ensure we provide exemplary care that unleashes the expertise and contributions of our current and aspiring leaders. A few highlighted programs in place to support the growth of our leaders are:

The Leading in the Middle Program — focuses on strengthening skills and knowledge related to everyday leadership practices. The spectrum on content is covered in three modules: The Inside Out (Me as Leader), Around Me (Me Impacting Others), and Surround Me (The System and the Organization).

Innovative Management — is designed to impact both leadership approaches and our leaders’ careers. Imbedded in the entire curriculum is the role Leaders play in ensuring their teams understand and support BWH’s Patient and Family-Centred Care philosophy and our quest to ensure a Healthy Work Environment that focuses on a culture of kindness and well-being.

Strategic Leadership Retreats — provide a venue for our entire leadership team to come together to connect, recognize and celebrate the ongoing progress of BWH’s strategy.
"In the Leading in the Middle program, I learned tools to better understand myself and others, how to communicate more effectively with other people and how to problem solve and navigate change and transition in a positive way. I became more comfortable asserting myself and speaking in public. I learned to think appreciatively and consider other people’s views in a new way. I brought these ideas back to work and used them with success. I am thankful to Bluewater Health as an organization for making the choice to invest in their middle leaders."
Dana Vanderaa, Physiotherapist
Clinical Lead, Physiotherapy, Bluewater Health