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High School Co-Ops

High school students interested in completing a co-operative placement at Bluewater Health should contact their school co-op teacher directly. All placements are organized by the co-op teachers and our Manager, Volunteer Resources & Student Affairs.

Co-operative education is one form of experiential learning that allows students to gain career awareness while developing their personal portfolio as well as earning credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma through practical work experience. It is designed in such a way that structured out-of-school activities complement in-school learning so that theory and practice can be combined in an educationally beneficial manner. Students participate in a variety of career education and planning activities during pre-placement and reflective learning sessions as part of the co-op program.

Placements are available within a variety of programs and services across all hospital locations, including nursing, recreation therapy and maintenance.

Students are required to complete 3 hours per day, Monday to Friday, in the morning or in a few cases, the afternoon.

Co-op students do not perform any direct patient care activities. No direct patient care is defined as no hands-on care or offering of verbal advice or information (i.e. turning or lifting patients, assisting patients to and from the washroom, or counseling patients regarding their diagnosis).

Students only participate in indirect patient care activities, such as sorting mail, assisting with menu review, watering plants, tidying the bedside table, and conducting “friendly” visits with patients.

Our student supervisors will:
  • Coordinate placement activities in the area
  • Provide an area specific orientation
  • Evaluate the student
If you are interested in learning more about high school co-ops at Bluewater Health, please contact:
Volunteer Resources
Bluewater Health, Sarnia
Russell Building
Level 1
89 Norman Street
Sarnia, Ontario N7T 6S3
Telephone: 519-464-4400, Ext. 5406
You may direct inquiries related to volunteer programs to Lisa Hendra-Pavey, Manager, Volunteer Resources, by email.