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Sarnia General Hospital Site: Obsolete Prescription Pad Update
In January 2017 Bluewater Health was made aware by Sarnia Police Services of a theft of hospital property from the former Sarnia General Hospital on Mitton Street. Bluewater Health has now completed its investigation of this matter.
The property in question was obsolete, out-of-circulation Ontario Drug Benefit prescription pads from physicians, dating from 1999 to 2006.
Bluewater Health has confirmed with local pharmacists that no prescriptions have been submitted from these old pad and that prescriptions would not be filled if they were ever attempted to be used.

Some of the recovered prescription pads contained personal health information. However, due to the manner in which the police acquired the stolen property, and the age and deteriorated quality of the items recovered, Bluewater Health does not believe that the patient information was accessed or compromised. The information relates to patients who received Ontario Drug Benefit prescriptions, and sought care at Bluewater Health hospital sites from 1999-2006. Any patients who have concerns regarding their privacy in this matter, please contact the Bluewater Health Patient Advocate at: patientadvocate@bluewaterhealth.ca.

We recognize that the finding of any property on the old hospital site is unacceptable, and not in compliance with our rigorous records management procedures. Bluewater Health did complete an exhaustive effort to remove all items related to our operations prior to vacating the property, and recently, post this new incident, have completed another fulsome sweep to ensure the facility is clear of any other items.

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